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Will You Be There?

Are any of you going to the 2014 Booklovers Convention in New Orleans on May 12-18?

If you are, I would love to hear from you.

I have been spend quite a bit of time trying to get everything ready.

I will be providing a gift basket to be raffled off in Club RT. It will contain posters, swag, a key chain from Julie Fain, decals from Jen Delyth, coffee mug, tea, T-shirt, book bag, and of course, signed copies of "Desires" and "Malevolence."
I'm taking lots of swag to giveaway at the FAN-tastic Day Giant Book Fair, where I will be a signing author (if you're going, please stop by and say hello).

I have also been busy pulling together my costumes for the different social events that I will be attending, which includes a cover model sock hop. That's right...dancing with all those hot cover models in poodle skirts (me, not them).

I'll keep you updated as the time draws near. Maybe we'll do a giveaway for those that aren't able to make the trip, but will be there in spirit.

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