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On My Desk
How did your day go?

It's actually been a pretty crazy week. I was getting the exterior of my house painted. What should have been finished on Tuesday is still not done. I have high hopes that they will finish it before the next millennia arrives.


In writing news:


I finished the updates to the website, including the new gift shoppe. Yay! I can now finish up on the final check list for "Malevolence (A Legacy Novel)," as well as, continue to work on the rough draft for "She Who Watches (Evil Unleashed)."


I have plans to make a trip into town to get a Starbucks latte as my reward for getting it finished (I will shamelessly use any excuse to go get a Starbucks latte). I think when I get back (with my mood much improved by coffee) I will jump into Malevolence for a while.


I still need to work on this blog. I want to set it up so these posts will also post to my Goodreads blog and my FB page. (Can it do that?) Does anyone know anything about RSS? I think I've just been too tired to understand it.


All in all, my day has gone really well (and will only get better when I get my latte). So...tell did your day go?

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