Take Two Creative Storywriters



Contest #1- Feb. 2013

Laughing  Congratulations to Amanda Mullins our 1st Place winner! Laughing


Her entry won her a $25 Amazon Gift Card.



I could not believe I had been so naïve.  “Sunny with partial cloudiness,” the weatherman had said.  I narrowed my eyes at the blurry red mass as I tried to see through the torrential downpour that cascaded down my windshield.  Cautiously, I approached the intersection.  There was a semi sitting in the middle of all the traffic, not moving.
     I was going to be late and my mother was going to be very irritated when I finally got there.  I turned back to go around.
     I was to be across town in less than five minutes, but couldn’t go any faster, in the fear of wrecking when I could hardly see through the rain.
While hoping that the weather would be blame enough for my tardiness, I slowly pulled into the parking lot of the Courthouse.  I was now a little less than ten minutes late and still not sure where in the building I was supposed to be.
     To my luck there was someone at the front desk. “Excuse me, Ma’am. Do you know what room a Mrs. Vivian Paulsen is in?  She’s meeting her lawyer about a divorce, and I’m supposed to be there.”
    “Down that hall and the third door to the left,” she responded.  I turned around and started walking down the hallway.  When I opened the door I came to see a very unhappy mother.  Me not being here on time didn’t help with everything that was already going on.